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What is Blockchain Technology?

By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology has created the backbone of a new type...

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How to test your disaster recovery plan

Even the strongest, most advanced IT systems can fall prey to disasters. Whether the disaster is a whirlwind of malware or...

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4 Reasons Cloud Security Solutions Failed in 2020

Moving your company’s data to the cloud has likely made it more agile and opened up new opportunities to streamline business....

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Time to Prepare for the New Normal


COVID-19 Vaccines

Public health professionals across Arizona and around the country are already hard at work laying the...

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How virtual machines can make hacks less painful

Nefarious bits of code woven into inconspicuous email hyperlinks and file downloads can incapacitate any business network if...

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All IT Directors Need This in Their Business Continuity Plan

If you could have predicted the future, what would you have done to prepare for the events of 2020?

Unfortunately, no one can...

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Zoom Socializing and Users’ Security Vulnerability

What are Zoom’s security issues? How are they attempting to fix the issues? And what can users do to make their Zoom...

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What is Cyber Risk Insurance?

This is the first of a series of articles about cyber risk insurance. This article discusses what cyber insurance is, and what...

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Data Security and Remote Employee Desktops

Working remotely for Valley businesses and employees is now the norm, given the very real threats that coronavirus imposes....

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