Data Security and Remote Employee Desktops

Working remotely for Valley businesses and employees is now the norm, given the very real threats that coronavirus imposes. What about virus protection for business data when systems are exposed to vulnerability by unprotected, remote work stations?

Carl Ingram, Chief Information Officer at Tempe-based Vigilant Technologies warns, “It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ a small- or medium-sized business’ data will be breached with employees working remotely from home.”

“One of the first measures we implement when initiating work with new clients is to secure remote networking. We’ve been doing this for years,” said Mike Kirk, Vigilant’s lead in Data Protection Management.

“Most businesses of less than 200 employees are particularly at risk,” Ingram said. “A vast number don’t have redundancy and cybersecurity in place to protect against external data breaches or internal employee errors that could result in catastrophic data loss.”

Vigilant’s remote shared data networks actually reduce data vulnerability to just 10 percent of internal office systems.

According to Vigilant client Pam Greninger, CEO of All State Tax & Accounting, “About four years ago, Vigilant set us up with remote client control data sharing, enabling us to work on clients’ computers remotely to do their bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. That has saved us countless hours of travel, fuel costs, and wear-and-tear on our vehicles.”

Fast forward to now, with isolation due to Covid-19, “We have been able to carry on with our clients as Vigilant set us up with web meeting capabilities years ago, and our entire staff were already used to working in the cloud,” Greninger said. “We have not missed a beat and in fact the demand for people to get their stimulus checks had shot our workload through the roof. Vigilant instantly increased the resources for our cloud servers for the overflow of employees working from home leading into our busiest tax season ever.”

According to the World Bank and World Trade Organization, across the globe, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprise a majority of employers. In the United States, roughly 88 percent of all businesses employ 20 workers or less. In Arizona, small businesses alone make up 97 percent of enterprises.

Vigilant Technologies partners with SMEs to provide cybersecurity, cloud-based data services, managed services, and secure shared desktop systems. The latter will enable coworkers to share files, collaborate, and communicate remotely in a viable, highly secure environment. Vigilant will customize, install, and manage (and host, if desired) remote data-sharing systems for any business or government entity.


About Vigilant Technologies

Vigilant Technologies is an information technologies leader in cybersecurity, cloud services, business continuity, disaster recovery, server consolidation, and infrastructure assessment and management. Vigilant serves both government and private sector enterprises with innovative information technology solutions.

Vigilant Technologies, LLC is a veteran-owned, privately-held corporation with headquarters at 4500 S. Lakeshore Dr., Suite 410 Tempe, AZ 85282.

Carl Ingram, owner and Chief Information Officer is dedicated to creating Artificial Intelligence technologies that will revolutionize, streamline, and optimize business operations. He holds two U.S. Patents in Information Technologies. Please see for a full repertoire of IT support services that Vigilant Technologies provides.


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